Here at ASIMI, we use US ring sizing. If you are unfamiliar with US sizing and would like to convert your UK ring size, please use the chart below. If you are unsure of your ring size, not to worry- we've got you covered.

Here is a quick and simple way to determine your ring size:


  • Cut a thin piece of paper or a piece of string, and wrap it around the base of the desired finger. Be sure to do this when your hands are warm, as your fingers expand a little
  • Keep in mind that however tightly or loosely it is wrapped will affect how the ring fits
  • Using a pen, mark the spot where the paper/string meets
  • Now, measure the mark you made (in mm) against a ruler. This is the diameter of your finger
  • Use the chart below to see which ring size you would be according to the diameter of your finger
  • If your exact measurement/UK size is not listed below, round it up to the nearest size 



 Diameter (mm)  ASIMI Ring Size (US)  UK Ring Size 
15.7  5 J
16.5 6 M
17.3 7 O
18.1 8 Q
19.10 9 R 3/4 



Please note that unfortunately, ASIMI will not be held accountable if you order the incorrect ring size, and we will not accept exchanges or refunds in such cases. Please take care in ensuring you order the correct ring size. Thank you for your understanding. For further information on our policies, please refer to our Delivery & Refunds page.